About us


AnAuthentic is the go to place for authentic designer shoes bags and accessories.  All of our items are purchased at brand authorized big box retail stores and are sold to you in the same condition we purchased them.  We spend so much money and time shopping every month that we have built a network of store sales people who let us know as soon as a great item comes available.  We have learned over the years when the best possible time to buy those most desirable shoes and bags is. This means you are getting access to items you just saw at full price in the store and craved but were to busy living life to notice when they went on sale and sold out.  Though this is a new website for us to sell through, we have been doing this over 10 years and really know our stuff.  We only buy items we believe to be from the last 2 years collection or less and  only list items we have verified are authentic and worthy for you to wear and be seen in. These are the items that will really Pump You Up!

Many of the items we purchase are sold at a discount to us because they may have been a try on display, or do not have a box or dust bag, or have been "marked" by the high end retail store to prevent returns. We will be clear in the listing what you are actually getting, and try to give you much more information than even the big box retail stores do.

We want you to feel like you are an authentic designer person when you wear our items.  But in case you get an item and don't love it  - for any reason - we have free returns!.  If for any reason you are unhappy with an item, you can return it for free!  Because we can sell items here with out paying fees to companies like ebay and Amazon we can afford to have a little bit better of a return policy here than our other channels.  Just let us know with in 30 days and we will send you a prepaid shipping label to return it at our expense and refund all your money once we get the item back and see it is in the same condition we sent it.  Pretty simple!

We hate fakes!  We hate fake shoes and bags and we also hate fake customers.  Fake customers are the ones who try to lie and cheat us.  We know that is not you, dear reader, because your still reading and fakes would never take the time to read this far, but just as we believe all sellers of fakes should be prosecuted we also will go after those that try to take money from our kids future college fund by trying to rip us off. Again we know we are not talking to you  - but you know that friend of yours that is kind of sketchy?  Do not tell them about us.